[New Magic Item] Ring of the Mushroom Ring

Ring of the Mushroom Ring

Fellhorn the druid held his ring aloft as the trolls closed in. Suddenly he, the elf ranger and the gnome illusionist were gone, leaving the hungry trolls behind, gnashing their teeth and howling in rage.

‘That is a handy ring, I must admit,’ the elf said.

‘Yes, sadly it is just temporary as we return it to the head of my grove,’ the druid said.

‘Or we could keep it and use it to get out of scrapes like that,’ the gnome suggested.

‘And have an angry order of druids hunting us down? No thank you,’ Fellhorn replied.

‘It was an idea,’ squeaked the gnome.

‘Not a great one,’ the elf said wryly.

Fellhorn concentrated again and a tiny winged sprite appeared. The druid and fey creature spoke a moment, seemed to strike a deal and the druid turned to the others.

‘A safe place to rest our heads for the night! Come along!’ the druid urged the others.

The gnome illusionist grumbled, seeing nothing wrong with his idea.

Often given to a druid of high standing that is about to take on a daunting task, this magical ring may also be given to a starting druid that shows a lot of promise. Very rare, these magic rings are prized by druids and to a lesser extent, other spellcasters.

Benefit: With this ring any spellcaster can locate and teleport themselves and up to three others to the nearest mushroom ring once per day, appearing safely in the ring’s center. Druids may do this twice per day and once per day are able to call upon a brownie, a pixie, a sprite or a sylph which will perform one task for the druid if treated well/with respect. If coursely commanded or treated with disrespect the sylvn creature will get revenge against the druid and notify the leader of their order.

Usable by: Any spellcaster can use the ring to find the nearest mushroom ring and ‘leap’ to it, druids can use all available options.

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