[New Magic Item] Reincarnating Ring of Rondo

Reincarnating Ring of Rondo

Chalk blinked in disbelief as the bloody carnage before him shifted and transformed. The dozen dead orcs laying before him moved and struggled to rise. One became a hyenae headed humanoid, another a goblin, a handful became orcs again, another a human, another an elf. They each knelt to pick up weapons and shields that they had dropped in battle. Behind them the Crimson Sorcerer laughed maniacally.

‘Nope!’ Koram shouted as he leaped out a nearby window.

Chalk shrugged and followed him.

One of the most powerful and flawed magic items in the world, the results vary and are usually unexpected, but that is the price you pay to live another day.

Benefit: Once per week this magical ring may be used to reincarnate up to 10HD of creatures back into their same type (animal/aberration, humanoid, giant, etc and Dire, Plane-touched/Infernal and other variations are possible) although there is no guarantee that the being will reincarnate back into the same species, although it is 60% likely. The other 40% of the time this process will cause random species to appear, some may help or hinder the bearer of the the ring and or those around them. Of course this ring does not affect the undead or constructs.

Usable by: Anyone.

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