[New Magic Item] Torch of the Yaw-bo tree

Torches of the Yaw-bo tree

‘Is that a will-o-whisp over there?’ the gnome illusionist whispered as he pointed towards a floating light coming near the edge of the trees. The light halted suddenly and seemd to slowly swivel then started off again along its path.

Fellhorn the druid scrutinized the seen and shook his head.

‘No. Maybe worse, maybe not, I believe it to be the light of the torch of the Yaw-bo tree which makes the one holding it invisible,’ the druid said in a hushed tone.

‘So, a challenge then?’ the elf ranger asked as he nocked an arrow to his bow.

Fellhorn waved both hands to discover the elf who was already trying to determine where the target was with an arrow drawn.

The Yaw-bo is a strange, arcane hardwood tree with a sticky pitch that produces a strong torch that burns for a long time, and has other properties as well…..

Benefit: Seemingly mundane, torches made from the Yaw-bo tree render the bearer of the torch invisible, like the Ring or spell of Invisibility with the exception that the torch bearer, if they can maintain the torch while fighting, will remain invisible for the first three rounds of combat before they can fully be seen by all present. The torch must be held in either a hand or teeth (or toes if particularly dextrous), as long as the torch is making contact with skin. The light of the torch can be seen, but neither torch nor bearer, making all attacks upon the person holding a Yaw-bo torch at -2 to hit and damage. Each of these torches burns for about one hour.

Usable by: Anyone.

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