[New Magic item] Saranjian Spore

Saranjian Spore

Slin-dev the thief had been one step ahead of his pursuers in the dungeons depths, yet they were catching up to him fast. His dwarf companion, Krogi, growled as he anticipated the hobgoblins approach. Six had set out into the underground realm and now only two remained. The sound of heavily booted feet could be heard. Slin-dev shrugged and threw the irregular shaped spore at the hallway.

‘That should slow them, I’ve got two more if we need them,’ the thief said.

The spore hit the ground and exploded into a cloud of tiny spores that began to grow into thousands of small mushrooms and other types of fungus, totally blocking the corridor. Shrieks and howls could be heard from behind the fungal wall. Krogi readied his crossbow.

Moments passed and the minutes dragged along. Eventually a single figure emerged from the wall, a strange amalgamation of mushroom and hobgoblin. The thief and fighter exchanged bewildered glances. Krogi then shrugged and fired at the thing. It screamed soundlessly and fell.

‘We need to invest in more of those for our next venture,’ the dwarf said.

‘As long as we don’t drop them,’ quipped Slin-dev.

Tended by the grubby, spore-riddled druids of the Forngladden Forest, these strange spores are lifesavers in the dungeon, and, as is the way of sporecery and magic, sometimes a hindrance. Expensive, but very useful and unexpected in a most situations.

Benefit: Upon impact one of these tangerine sized spores will create a wall of various types of fungus that will fill an area 10’x10’x3’thick. Any living creature (constructs and undead are immune to this effect) that dig through this wall will be subject to the spell Fungusize (q.v.) without a Saving Throw and turning into a randomly determined type of fungus. The wall, and this effect, last for one day before the wall disentigrates into dust and those Fungusized return to normal. Note that it only takes about 5lbs of pressure to break one of these spores, which means that these magical spores need to be handled with care lest the bearer be subjected to the effects.

Usable by: Anyone.

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