[New Magic item] Every Color Feather

Every Color Feather

Navnen the thief used the magical feather to change his hooded cloak and breeches to match the approaching dusk to make his job a little easier.

Foiled by a hidden homonculus the thief made a hasty retreat, the guardsmen alerted by the wizard that a man in dark clothes had tried to burgle his home.

When the guardsmen caught up to Navnen he was in a cheery light green and yellow set of clothing, but he did point down an alley where he thought he saw a figure in dark clothing that acted as if on the run.

The guardsmen ran down the alley as the thief smirked to himself.

From a window above the homonculus watched in disaproval.

Probably of elven origin, these simple, minor magic items could have also been a gift of the Gods of Mischief to help spread a little chaos around here and there. The feather itself always looks appears as a dull gray and quite unremarkable.

Benefit: Touching the tip of one of these magically treated feathers to any piece of fabric or clothing (including footwear/leather) and naming a color will make the fabric change automatically to the new color unless the garment itself is also magical in which case a Saving Throw is allowed (Save vs Spells with a 6 as the number to get or beat). In addition, trickier colors beyond the basics will require an Intelligence attribute check (for example, ‘Navy Blue’ is fairly common, no check, Cerulean Blue, on the other hand, is a bit less common and requires an Intelligence check to duplicate). Color changes are permanent until changed by other means, even mundane.

Usable by: Anyone.

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