[New Spell] Disembodied Voices

Disembodied Voices


The thief spun around at the sound of his name, but he could see nobody in the gathering shadows.

Chalk too, looked puzzled.

‘Navnen, quickly, come here!’

Now the voice was in front of them.

The thief looked at the sorcerer who, in turn, pointed towards a hidden door that the adventurers had used before. Just as they had gotten passed the secret door the sound of clinking chainmail and heavy boots on cobblestones could be heard.

‘I could have sworn that the thief came this way,’ the illusionist said as he lead the guardsmen.

‘You might be explaining this to the duke if we don’t find him,’ the Captain of the Guard told the spellcaster.

Disembodied Voices (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 50+10’/level.

Duration: Three rounds per level of caster.

This illusionist spell causes voices to be heard within the range of the spell to all who can hear. These voices can be a murmur or shouting, can sound like they are coming from behind walls or out in the open, and in any language known by the caster. This illusion can be stationary or can move at the whim of the caster, creating a ghostly, haunting effect. The illusionist may try to duplicate a particular voice with 65% success +2/level. Anyone within earshot may make a save versus spells to disbelieve this auditory trick if they have reason to believe that it is endeed an illusion, otherwise they will be convinced that the sound is authentic.

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