[New Magic Item] Ring of Elemental Communication

Ring of Elemental Communication

Krogi the dwarf focused on the huge earth elemental as he used his thumb to rub the strange silvery ring on his finger.

The earth elemental hesitated in its attack.

‘What do you know?I’m prettier than I thought!’ the dwarf exclaimed with a toothy grin.

‘Great, let’s get out of here before that thing snaps out of the enchantment,’ suggested Slin-dev the thief.

‘Good idea, let’s go!’ replied the dwarf as the duo hastened passed the slowly moving elemental.

This enchanted ring does not give one control over the elementals and their kin that sometimes breach the material plane or are encountered on their own respective planes, but it can certainly help when dealing with these entities.

Benefit: When worn this arcane ring allows its wearer to communicate with any and all elemental creatures within earshot. This allows the ring’s bearer to attempt to soothe any aggressive elemental creatures, including creatures like djinn, efreeti, etc, with a successful Charisma Attribute check. On a successful roll the wearer of the ring can convince even the most aggressive elemental to stall attacks upon themselves and their companions for up to 1d4 rounds. If this roll fails the furious creatures will focus their attacks on the wearer of the ring and attempt to reclaim it.

Usable by: Anyone.

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