[New Magic Item] Lookalike Amulet

Lookalike Amulet

Chief Constable Nettles kicked the door open of the shabby tavern and strolled in followed by a half dozen of his assistant constables. He looked around at all of the faces looking back at him. Some clean, some dirty, all looked too much alike. Nettles scowled and growled at an underling and the lawmen went through the dilapidated tavern and left in disgust and empty-handed.

‘Filthy degenerates, they all looked alike,’ the Chief Constable said as he spat on the ground and mounted his horse and lead the men off.

In the tavern one of the shoddy looking peasants scratched his head and held the strange amulet aloft.

‘Now what was I going to do with this?’ he asked himself.

The thief Slin-dev sidled up to the peasnant and siezed the amulet, then dropped a handful of gold into the man’s hand, more money than the peasant would see in a year.

‘Why sell it back to me of course!’ the thief said with a grin.

‘Of course,’ nodded the peasant as he tucked the gold into his pockets.

Most definitely a creation of the Lords of Spite and Malice to cause confusion and chaos, this strange amulet is often more useful for the wielder than those within distance of its magic, although if the tables turn, the owner of the amulet can find themselves in grave danger.

Benefit: As the bearer of the amulet says the command word to activate this odd magic item 1d12 humanoids within 30′ in the same size category (Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, etc) will take on the same physical appearance of the one holding the amulet. While clothing and other things carried or worn will differ the face, body type and complexion will be identical, even the species wil resemble that of the amulet’s bearer. A Saving Throw with a -2 modifier is allowed, and even then those that make their save will look closely related to the bearer of the amulet. This effect lasts for one hour per level of the bearer of the amulet (with a one hour minimum if the owner is 0 level).

Usable by: Anyone.

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