[New Spell] Fear of Dusk and Dawn

Fear of Dusk and Dawn

Navnen crept in through a window and closed the shutters behind him.

‘What is it now?’ Valance asked the thief.

‘Night draws near and I fear the dark,’ Navnen replied.

Chalk and Valance exchanged glances over their game of dice.

‘Did you try breaking into the Tower of the Green Illusionist again?’ Chalk asked.

‘Aye, that I did, yet a strange fear crept over me as I approached the inner courtyard,’ the thief answered.

‘When that spell wears off we should all pay him a visit, he can’t do that to all of us,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘Good idea,’ Chalk replied, fully unaware that the illusionist spell could indeed affect them all.

Fear of Dusk and Dawn (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 25’+5’/level.

Duration: One week per level of caster.

A strange, general area curse type spell, Fear of Dusk and Dawn will cause all within range of the spell (save the caster of course) to have an irrational fear of either the approaching sunrise or sunset, decided at the time of the casting by the illusionist. Those affected will try to avoid being outdoors during either dusk or dawn and will be -2 on all rolls for the duration of either the coming day or night if they are aware of the time of day, those undergorund or inside that cannot see outside are ‘off the hook’ for as long as they are not exposed to a line of sight to the outside world during either day or night. All allies receive a +2 to a Save versus spells while everyone else save with a -1 modifier.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Fear of Dusk and Dawn

  1. Dick says:

    “Fear of Dusk” would really ruin a vampire’s night.

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