[New Magic Item] Potion of Locks

Potion of Locks

Slin-dev the thief reeled into the tavern and met up with his adventuring companion, Krogi the dwarf.

‘What caused that black eye?’ the dwarf asked with some concern. ‘A good fight?’

‘Against three thugs, I was lucky that the merchant just wanted me roughed up.’ replied the thief.

‘The merchant that sold shorted us on those gems?’ inquired Krogi.

‘Yes, probably why I am still alive, he felt a twinge of guilt. I just don’t understand how he knows each time I make my way to that vault of his,’ Slin-dev asked.

‘Let’s both go back this evening and find out!’ suggested Krogi patting his axe.

And still, the thugs showed up, as if alerted somehow just as the vault was unlocked.

Made either for theives for forgetful locksmiths, this potion is highly useful in many situations by either profession. If one of each is using at the same time hilarity may ensue.

Benefit: When imbided a draught of this potion will allow the drinker to know the location of every lock within a one mile radius and whether the lock is opened or secured simply by concentrating and the imbiber can choose to focus on one particular lock or many while the potion is in effect. While certainly overbearing in large cities in small towns, villages and dungeons this potion can be highly valuable. Effects last for one day. A typical vial holds four doses.

Usable by: Anyone.

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