[New Magic Item] Whistle of Weakened Shields

Whistle of Weakened Shields

The duke’s four guardsmen raised their shield’s as the duke bellowed at the outside of the ogre’s cave.

Moments later the lumbering humanoid appeared wielding a huge club. The men stood defiant. Just then a small goblin appeared and blew a strange copper colored whistle towards the humans. There was a strange sound of crackling in the air as the ogre raised his shield and dealt a crushing blow, shattering the shields and the bones of the arms beneath. The duke called for a retreat and the men withered behind him as the ogre demanded their valuables.

‘Half to you’, the ogre grunted. ‘You count better than me.’

The goblin nervously fumbled over the small pile of coins and gems, taking a little more than his fair share, but the ogre seemed pleased and he growled in defiance to the duke who floundered back to his castle to plot another way to defeat this monster.

Always a surprise to those with mundane shields, this magic item has been the bane of many a rising hero and more than a few villains too. Minions and henchmen are not excited about this magical whistle, either.

Benefit: Once per day, when this magical whistle is blown all nonmagical shields facing the one who winded the whistle become as brittle as glass for 1d4 rounds. Any damage over 3 hit points shatters the shield completely during this time. All magical shields receive a standard Saving Throw against Polymorph or suffer the same fate. After the time has elapsed any affected shields revert back to normal and are effective again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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