[New Magic Item] Mirror of the Time before Death

Mirror of the Time before Death

The thief Slin-dev slipped into the ancient castle easily. Too easily he noted.

Slinking down a corridor he saw a unched figure looming before him.

‘Who dares enter the castle of Lord Sarga?’ the thing before him hissed.

Slin-dev produced a strange mirror and flashed it at the ancient vampire. For a moment the vampire hesitated in his progress then stopped altogether. Sarga lashed out with a clawed hand and then began his retreat.

‘Beware the wrath of an ancient vampire,’ Sarga said with a crazed look as he shambled backwards and out of the immediate area.

Slin-dev then hurried to get the sword he was sent after and left as soon as he could. Bats trailed him ever after, watching him.

Most often found in small squares, these mirrors are very handy when dealing with the undead and rumors abound that there are variants for lycanthropes and infernal creatures.

Benefit: Any time an undead creature looks into one of these mirrors it sees itself as it was in life. Even mindless undead, such as zombies or skeletons pause for a few moments to see themselves as they once were. Intelligent undead see the same and are even more moved. Animated undead and otherwise unindead receive no Saving Throw and stand stunned for 1d4 rounds, intelligent undead receive a Save against with a -1 modifier or flee the area for 1d4 hours. Undead that flee often return with minions (some not undead this time) and are looking for revenge.

Usable by: Anyone.

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