[New Magic Item] Monster Magnet Arrows

Monster Magnet Arrows

‘Drop the shield!’ Chalk yelled at Koram. The fighter looked puzzled.

‘These things are not going to stop if I do,’ the fighter replied as the eerie small humanoids kept throwing themselves at the adventurers.

‘Give that thing to me!’ Navnen insisted as he wrestled the shield from Koram. The thief tried to pry the arrow from the shield, when that proved futile he threw the wooden shield like a disk. The humanoids immediately chased after it.

‘Let’s get out of here and get after that elf that shot the arrow at us,’ Valance suggested as he rallied his squad of giant spiders and urged them in the direction the elf had taken.

These odd magical arrows are often used to turn the tide of a battle and cause chaos in a skirmish, which they do quite well.

Benefit: These arrows are usually not aimed at a living target except to stick in a wooden shield or a dragon’s scale or similar armor, each arrow is often shot near the enemy. As soon as the arrow ends its journey any monsters in the area will drop what they are doing and attack all within 30′ of the arrow in a Frenzy (+1 attack and damage, -1 to AC), heedless of any other targets or opponents. This effect lasts until the area is cleared or the attackers are dead.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a bow.

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