[New Magic Item] Chalk of Opposition Blindness

Chalk of Opposition Blindness

‘Chalk!’ Valance yelled as he looked out the window.

‘What?’ Chalk asked.

‘Not you,’ the priest of the Spider God said and pointed to Navnen.

The thief hurriedly searched his pockets, withdrew a thick stick of chalk and tossed it towards Valance.

Catching it the cleric dropped to the floor of the common room and drew a hasty circle about seven feet in diameter and stood quietly within.

The door burst open and several constables poured into the room.

‘Where is he?’ the chief constable demanded as he looked around the room, looking directly at a grinning Valance without seeing him.

‘Gone gambling down in the dregs I believe,’ Koram said trying to act helpful.

‘Sounds about right,’ the chief constable grumbled and he took off with his men in tow.

‘We need to move again I fear,’ Navnen said. ‘The bounty on Valance is getting too high.’

‘I can’t see him, is he grinning again?’ Chalk asked.

The thief nodded.

A seemingly harmless and minor magical item that can save a life or three in a pinch. Or a circle.

Benefit: When used to draw a circle upon a solid floor (wood planks, stone floor, solid rock, etc) this magical chalk will allow those within the circle (up to three upright human individuals and two prone (and cramped) to be completely invisible to those of an opposite alignment or outlook than those within the circle (which must be alike). Those of a Neutral persuasion must declare at the time the circle is made whether they are protecting against Lawful or Chaotic beings. Creatures of more than 5 Hit Dice are initially blinded will eventually find those in the circle (after about 5 or 6 rounds), yet cannot break the invisible barrier that protects those within. The circle will provide protection for an eight hour period, after which time it fades away.

Usable by: Anyone.

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