[New Spell] The Lure of the Arcane

The Lure of the Arcane

‘I’ll take those rings,’ the dragon told Navnen, underlining its statement with a menacing growl.

‘But….my mother gave me this one,’ protested the thief.

‘Touching, but I still want them,’ the beast replied.

The others noticed the dragon was growing impatient and that the air was getting stagnant and humid.

‘Just give him the rings,’ Chalk said. ‘We will get even with Torstil the Mage for this soon enough.’

Reluctantly Navnen relinquished the magical rings to the dragon.

‘You may pass out of my realm now,’ the creature said as it scooped up the rings and flew over the gloomy pines.

Navnen sat on a nearby stump and slumped forward.

‘My mother did give me that ring, just before she died,’ he said wistfully.

‘Don’t worry, we will get it back,’ Koram said as he patted the thief on the shoulder.

‘I am already organizing spiders for it,’ Valance said as he looked over some strange papers he always kept near.

The Lure of the Arcane (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This strange spell, while not technically a curse, might as well be. For the duration of the spell any magic items carried by the one affected by the spell are coveted by others who seek to take them by theft, by authority or by force, whichever means those who covet them know or possess best. While not every single intelligent creatures is drawn in by this spell, those who know the character has magic on them are 85% susceptible to wanting to get them from the target while those who do not know the target are still drawn in, but with a 65% chance. Magical creatures like dragons are 90% driven to take the magic items off of the target.

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