[New magic Item] Stone of Tree Hate

Stone of Tree Hate

‘Is this thing worth it?’ Navnen pondered as he held the small polished red stone in the palm of his hand.

‘It did get us out of a few scrapes. The bugbears? The ogre? That tricky lock?’ Valance replied.

Navnen sighed as a tree branch whipped him harshly across the back.

‘Okay, another day or two then I give it away to someone else,’ the thief said.

A tree trunk tripped Navnen and he fell forward. Then he got up, dusted himself off and threw the stone among the trees. The group almost thought they caught a sound of gentle laughter on the breeze.

Days later a group of knights entered the woods. A squire picked up a shiny stone that turned out to be magical.

An absurd magical item, boon and bane all in one. Possibly elemental in nature. Deadly to possess in the wild.

Benefit: If invoked this magical stone amulet allows for two re-rolls of any dice roll, usable twice per day. The best result is taken of the three. The downside is that all living vegetation rebels against the amulet’s owner, trees whip limbs and try to trip with roots, vines and weeds entangle and pull. Intelligent plants in particular will focus on the bearer of the amulet and try to kill him or her and bury the magic item deep.

Usable by: Anyone.

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