[New Spell] False Confessor

False Confessor

Slin-dev the thief crouched closer from his perch on the rooftop as he watched the town guard seize the blacksmith. He pulled back instinctively as he saw Chief Constable Nettles appear.

‘He has confessed to….well, a lot, sir,’ one of the guards told the Chief Constable.

‘And he probably cannot help himself,’ Nettles said as he looked around and locked eyes with Slin-dev who half-hearetedly waved.

The thief grew even more pale as he heard a few of his own crimes brought up by the blacksmith. Slin-dev began to edge away.

Nettles noticed this with his hawk-like eyes.

‘And collect that man on the roof of the apothecary’s shop too, I believe I want to speak to him as well,’ Nettles instructed the guards. Two split off to chase Slin-dev to no avail.

False Confessor (Magic-user)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

When cast this spell causes one target to confess to an outlandish list of crimes, some real, some legend, one or two might even be true, to any and all who would hear. There is a Saving Throw versus Spells with a -2 modifier possible, if that is failed the subject will go on and on about their crimes which can lead to execution in some areas, but mostly long term ridicule where saner heads prevail. Cast at the right time an empire can be changed totally overnight.

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