[New Magic Item] Ghostclub


Koram was dubious of the other warrior’s claims.

‘Just relax, trust me,’ the barbarian said.

The bugbear warband hit hard and fast, driving the two adventuring parties into a narrow corridor of the dungeon.

The barbarian began howling as he raised a rather frightening looking club and started swinging as he called out names.

‘Save Chalk, Koram, Valance and the other one!’ he roared.

‘Navnen,’ the thief whimpered as the air was knocked out of him. Two of the bugbears cried out in pain while the others closed in tighter.

‘Sorry about that, I will remember next time,’ the barbarian said.

‘I hope your illusionist has better aim than that,’ Chalk mumbled under his breath as he cast a spell of his own.

Originally created for a great Hero that waded into the underworld to fight a terrible spectre, many notable heroes and heroines have taken this magical weapon into battle and stood triumphant after the fight.

Benefit: In combat this magical wooden club deals 1d6+2 points of damage (double to ethereal creatures, including ethereal/spectral undead) and in addition only strikes the physical targets that the bearer indications, allowing one to wade into combat and swing without fear of hitting an ally (as long as the ally in called out or in some way indicated to be ignored by the club).

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a club.

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