[New Magic Item] Cape of Blood

Cape of Blood

The mercenary Bakra-do spun on his heel, which made his new crimson cape swirl with a flourish. The massive humanoid before him growled in rage.

‘Ogre,’ the human said with a smile. ‘At least they knew what I was going up against.’

Without hesitation Bakro-do leapt forward and engaged the startled ogre in combat. So surprised the monster was it almost dropped its club.

Each hit of the ogre’s seemed to do less damage as the human was whittling the ogre down to size rapidly.

Finally the ogre raised one hand, dropping its club.

Even a mercenary, Bakra-do played fair and watching the hulking creature as it retreated.

‘Two thousand more gold. Soon this cape will have paid for itself!’ the mercenary exclaimed aloud.

In ages passed this was a very popular magic item that has become rarer due to more diplomatic approaches to conflict, although many an assassin has a few of these in their arsenal for special jobs.

Benefit: This magical cape must be soaked in the blood of a particular species (“half” species are immune to this magic item) and from the time it dries until it is soaked in the blood of yet another species the wearer enjoys not only a +2 to Armor Class but also has a +2 to strike the particular species and +2 to damage (these combat abilities do not stack with other magical bonuses)and in addition the wearer of the Cape of Blood takes two points less damage each time from the particular species the cape is aligned against.

Usable by: Anyone.

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