[New Magic Item] Pit Charm

Pit Charm

‘It will wear off,’ Chalk said from the pit he was in.

‘WHEN?’ asked Valance from the other pit.

‘With our luck an hour or so after the others arrive and get us out,’ the wizard replied.

‘There are no spiders nearby big enough to get us out of here. Although there is one with a rather delicious hallucinogenic bite,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘It will wear off,’ Chalk repeated.

‘Is it starting to rain?’ Valance asked as the soft pitter patter sound of rain could be heard above and a few raindrops fell in their respective pits.

‘I am going to skin that dwarf alive for this if I ever catch him,’ groaned Chalk.

This is the type of magic item almost every adventurer dreams about and is one of the most difficult to find. Those who do find one of these amulets are reluctant to relinquish it at any price and may use it on the persistent.

Benefit: Three times per day the owner of this amulet may utter a command word and use the charm to create a pit trap that is;

  • five feet wide by five feet wide by ten feet deep or
  • three feet wide by three feet wide by fifteen feet deep or
  • eight feet wide by eight feet wide by five feet deep

Each pit has smooth sides and no spikes or other detrimental attributes, although these can be added. Each pit lasts for one day after which time the ground goes back to normal and any creatures trapped are then freed. Most often used in pursuit or for quick ambushes or as a general deterrent for anyone poking around the area while the bearer of the amulet is.

Usable by: Anyone.

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