[New Spell] Silent Trust

Silent Trust

‘And the constable will trust me?’ Navnen the thief asked Varuush the illusionist.

‘Without doubt, completely and totally. So long as you yourself do not speak directly to him,’ replied Varuush.

The constable nodded stupidly.

‘What?’ the thief asked in a confused tone.

‘As long as you do not say one word to him he will believe you completely,’ was the answer.

Again the constable nodded.

Then Navnen understood.

‘Because you already cast this on him,’ said the thief.

‘I had an extra spell and this really sells it,’ the illusionist confessed.

The constable nodded enthusiastically.

Silent Trust (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster or see below.

Either cast by the illusionist upon themselves and another or between two other parties, this spell causes the subject to unerringly believe everything that the other person affected by the spell says. There is no Saving Throw and the most outlandish lies may be told, as long as the one talking does not look at the target and speak in their direction before the spell elapses. If this happens the target is allowed a Wisdom attribute roll. Rolling under their attribute score reveals the other person’s lies clearly. The nodding and enthusiasm of the target often goes a long ways towards convincing a third party of what the other person is saying.

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