[New Spell] Forbidden in the Forest

Forbidden in the Forest

‘It’s not me,’ Valance said and he took a step back.

Chalk the wizard took a step forward and flinched. Nothing.

‘Me either,’ the wizard said and took a step back.

Navnen stepped forward. He paused a moment, smiled. And then three squirrels leaped from the trees and landed on his head, biting and scratching. The thief fell backwards.

‘I am glad it wasn’t me!’ Koram exclaimed as he helped the thief pull the aggressive rodents off.

Forbidden in the Forest (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

Also known as ‘Unwelcome in the Woods’ this druid spell causes the target, if they fail a Save versus Spells with a -1 modifier, to become unwanted by the wildlife in a specified forest, copse of trees or similar wooded area. All animals will appear unriendly to the subject of this spell and will do anything they can to hinder his or her progress through the trees. From minor bites and stings to food and small items being stolen to eerie howls and screeches in the night that make sleep impossible to being attacked by horned stags and raging bears, it usually does not take the target of the spell long to get the hint. Sometimes individuals seek out having this spell cast upon them to face a daunting forest to either prove themselves or to lure out a specific beast.

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