[New Magic Item] Helmet of the Mundane

Helm of the Mundane

‘Look at the teeth on that thing!’ Navnen exclaimed.

Chalk gasped aloud.

Valance visibly shuddered.

‘What thing? Where?’ Koram asked as he pulled his Crystal Sword and swirled around in a panic.

‘Stab to your left, NOW!’ the thief shrieked.

The fighter suddenly thrust his blade and something howled hideously that the others saw. Instead of attacking the thing retreated from the Crystal Sword as Chalk threw a spell at it. Koram took off his helmet. His jaw gaped open at the sight of the wounded thing.

Was this magic item created to benefit those who live in cities or other places devoid of certain creatures or cursed to lure heroes into wearing the helmet? As its origins are lost in time we will never know.

Benefit: This silvery winged metal helmet conveys a +1 to Armor Class and gives the wearer the ability to see in the dark (like nightvision) up to 75′. The downside? No magical or fantastical creature can be seen by the wearer of the helmet, all are invisible to both normal and infravision. If the creature affects its surroundings (leaving obvious tracks, moving tree branches or bushes, swimming, etc) this can be seen, however the creature itself remains invisible until it attacks, after which time it can be seen day or night. If the helmet is removed the AC bonus is gone for 1d4 turns even if the helmet is worn moments later.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear a metal helmet..

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