[New Spell] Glowing Shadows

Glowing Shadows

Vistis the Blue Mage raised his hands and swept them in wide arcs as he hissed a spell.

‘We are surrounded,’ the illusionist told Stork.

The magic-user snarled as he looked up from the scroll he was studying and then looked around. Glowing golden shapes took the place of crouching shadows that crept nearer in the dim light.

‘Undead?’ Stork asked.

‘Ghouls, most likely,’ Vistis replied.

Stork smiled, revealing his shark-like teeth. Moments later he cast a spell of his own that sent lightning among the hungry undead creatures. With howls and gurgled threats the ghouls retreated until no golden glow was visible at all.

‘They will return, with more,’ Vistis said grimly from behind his heavily lacquered mask.

‘And we will be gone by then,’ Stork replied as he gathered the scrolls and put them in a large satchel.

Glowing Shadows (Illusionist)

Level 5

Range: 15’+5’/level.

Duration: Three turns (thirty minutes).

When cast this oddball illusionist spell causes the shadows of all creatures, living and undead that can cast (ethereal or invisible creatures and constructs are immune to this magic) a shadow will find that when within the radius of the spell that their shadows take on a bright golden glow as they move. Affected creatures moving out of this area will find their shadows return to normal and those using shadow magic or the thief skill, Hide In Shadows, do receiving a Saving Throw with a -1 modifier to resist the spell. This spell does not move with the caster but remains in a fixed location.

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