[New Magic Item] Chainmail Everyone Else Hates

Chainmail Everyone Else Hates

Koram seemed to take the strange green lightning to the chest, yet it was Chalk who was suddenly struck by the spell and blown off of his feet with a scream of pain.

‘Are you sure that new armor you’ve got isn’t to blame for everyone else getting hit by spell meant for you?’ Navnen the thief asked the fighter just after he let a trio of throwing knives fly at the rival wizard.

‘It is certainly suspicious timing,’ added Valance as he helped Chalk up.

Koram pretended not to hear as he leaped forward and struck the evil mage with his Crystal Sword. The wizard shrieked and staggered backwards, then fell over dead.

‘Now, what were we talking about?’ the fighter said as he sheathed his devastating sword.

The others grumbled. Later that night tey would plot to relieve their companion of his ridiculous magic armor.

This is great armor for the solo adventurer, those in a group may not be so popular once the others find out why they are taking magic aimed at the wearer of this magic item.

Benefit: When worn this bright golden magical chainmail grants the wearer a +2 to Armor Class and all ranged attacks are -1 to Strike. However, and not obvious at first, all magic that the wearer makes a successful Saving Throw against will strike a random companion who gets no resulting Saving Throw. Some who wear this magical armor go to great lengths to try to hide this aspect of this golden chainmail. A solo adventurer wearing this armor that makes their Save throws the spell back at the caster.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear chainmail.

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