[New Magic Item] Spellseeker Wand

Spellseeker Wand

Chalk saw more barbarians coming and he singled out the leader.

‘Detect Magic!’ the wizard said hopefully while waving a wand in the air.

The wand twitched momentarily towards the north. Immediately Chalk threw the wand at the barbarian leader.

‘Catch!’ he shouted.

Not thinking, the barbarian chieftain did just that. And then, to the amazement of the other barbarians, he vanished before them, leaving them leaderless. In shock at this arcane abandonment they quickly disbursed.

‘You lost your wand,’ Navnen lamented as he clapped the wizard on the back in appreciation.

‘And that giant doofus with it,’ Chalk said in relief.

Created by a mage-detective to root out evil spellcasters, this magical wand is a great boon when tracking a tricky spellcaster when other means of locating the target are all but impossible. Still, there are tales of canny casters prepared for even this magic item.

Benefit: This magic wand will hold any three spells that its owner desires, up to the 4th level and it can be recharged, This wand’s major power is to allow its wielder to teleport to the sight in which a specific spell was cast. This spell must have been cast within three days and within a three mile radius. Only the caster is teleported to the location of this specific spell, although there is a delay of one melee round (ten seconds) before the teleportation happens. Chasing a particular spell is usable once per day. If the spell in question has not been cast within the parameters of the spell then nothing happens.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a magic wand.

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