[New Magic Item] Kroski, the Longsword of Rust

Kroski, the Longsword of Rust

The knight in strange armor bellowed and swung the sword at Fellhorn’s head. The druid parried with his oaken staff and the sword slipped from the evil warrior’s grasp. The elf ranger took the opportunity to send an arrow into the unarmored area near under the knight’s arm. The gnome illusionist cast a spell that caused hundreds of fireflies to explode into existence right before the knight’s helmet, disorienting the wounded opponent even further.

As the druid cast a spell that turned the earth under the knight to mud the gnome illusionist turned to the trio of gnome bards that had been following them from the town of Cobble.

‘It is a concerted effort, of course, but my illusions are pivotal,’ the gnome said sagely to the young bards.

The elf rolled his eyes as he walked over to examine the knight’s strange sword while Fellhorn negotiated with the knight for his release.

This named magical longsword is reputed to have been created by an earthbound daemon for its mortal champion. The fate of this champion is unknown, he was thought of have fallen at the Battle of the Howling Forest, the whereabouts of the sword, unknown.

Benefit: In battle Kroski deals 1d8+2 damage and with an Intelligence of 16 this enchanted blade seeks out other metal weapons and armor to strike, each hit reducing non-magical weapons and armor to rust within 1d4 melee rounds. Magical weapons and armor receive a Save versus Spells to resist this effect, those that fail retain half of their usefullness and must be repaired.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a longsword.

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