[New Spell] Rumors of Your Heart

Rumors of Your Heart

The trio of gnomes were performing on their instruments, baroque trumpet, oboe and horn respectively when Navnen entered the in and hurried over to his companions. Immediately two men entered behind him and tried to look inconspicuous among the crowd while obviously watching the thief.

‘We need to leave town for a while,’ Navnen whispered to the others.

‘Now what?’ Koram complained.

‘I am under some magic that causes me to be followed, I am not sure why,’ the thief answered.

‘Oh, the golden heart thing? I thought I dispelled that rumor. It must be a spell,’ said Chalk.

‘The what?!’ Navnen asked.

‘What about the gnomes? They are our heralds now,’ Valance inquired.

‘What?! Is everyone going crazy?’ the thief asked in exasperation.

‘I was just getting used to them too,’ moped Koram.

Rumors of Your Heart (Magic-User)

Level 2

Range: 15’+5’/level.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This sinister spell causes the target to be the subject of strange rumors that seem to circulate just ahead of them-that his or her heart is made of gold, that it is the Philosopher’s Stone and therefore a key to immortality, that the heart is that of a dreadful fiend, just waiting to take over the person and run amok. Whatever the rumor, or rumors, these surround the target who must always be on his or her guard to avoid the heart being plucked, torn, carved, ripped or by other means, removed from their person. When the duration elapses the rumors cease as quickly as they started. The target does receuve a Save with a -1 modifier to resist this detrimental magic.

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