[New Magic Item] Candles Against the Grave

Candles Against the Grave

The lich turned its attention to Valance.

‘I will eat your heart, priest of the Spider God,’ the undead creature said.

The cleric stood tall as he looked down at the candles burning in the doorway.

‘Not for a while, at least,’ he replied.

Navnen appeared.

‘You’ve got more of those candles?’ Valance asked.

The thief nodded and tossed a neatly wrapped bundle to Valance.

‘Oh, look, we can do this for days now,’ he said to the undead monster with a grin.

The two sparks of undead power in the eye sockets of the lich rolled upwards in frustration.The thing knew that defenders of the Law were coming that could put it down easily.

‘Fine. I will release your friends. And then I suggest you run,’ the lich said.

Despite themselves both men shivered at that last sentence. They knew the creature meant it.

Meant to augment a cleric’s repertoire these magical candles can be used by anyone to keep the undead at bay for a time. While they only burn for a short time, that is sometimes enough time to get away. Sometimes.

Benefit: When placed no more than one meter apart and all lit these magical candles form a barrier that holds undead at bay. A roll is made to see if each undead creature is turned as if by a 6th level cleric. Each candle burns for three hours, after which time, if not replaced, the barrier is broken and the undead are no longer hindered.

Usable by: Anyone.

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