[New Spell] Cubed in Stone

Cubed in Stone

Fellhorn the druid knew how the giant stone cubes appeared, but he did not tell the others for fear of causing a panic.

‘There sure are a lot of these giant cubes,’ marveled the elf ranger.

‘It is amazing, and cannot be natural,’ the gnome illusionist said in awe.

‘Heh, sure these could be natural,’ the druid said.

Just then one of the cubes disentegrated into pebbles and dust and a scrawny human in adventurer’s clothes stood where the cube had been. He started to dust himself off then looked up, saw the trio of adventurers and ran off in an absolute panic.

‘Not again!’ he shouted in a shrill voice as he ran off.

The elf and gnome turned towards the druid.

I don’t know that spell. I just know of it,’ Fellhorn said, trying to sound convincing as another cube disentegrated by them suddenly, releasing a shocked look dwarf.

Cubed in Stone (Druid)

Level 6

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One year and one day if the stone is not broken up.

This rather obnoxious druid’s spell will contain anything that can be held within a 10’x10’x10′ area, living or dead, within a large cube of stone of precisely those dimensions. Living and undead creatures receive a Saving Throw with a -1 modifier. Those held within are safely in a state of suspended animation and will not suffocate, starve, etc, yet have an 80% chance of developing Claustrophobia upon release, which occurs naturally within a year and a day unless the stone is either chipped away or altered by magic, such as Rock to Mud. Anything that projects outside of the 10’x10’x10′ area at the time the spell is cast causes the spell to fail.

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