[New Magic Item] Dogbell


‘Where did our guide go?’ Koram asked as he drew his Crystal Blade from its sheath.

‘I knew we should not have paid him all of his fee in advance,’ Valance said.

A small group of growling wardogs strolled into the thicket, seemingly following a large mastiff with a belled collar.

‘Didn’t our guide have a bell in his hand before he faded into the shadows?’ Chalk asked as he began a spell.

The wardogs growled and began to slowly move in.

‘Apparently our guide has changed his skin and wants the rest of our money,’ Navnen said as he drew his magical daggers.

A dozen very large and scary looking spiders suddenly appeared, at the summons of Valance.

‘Where did those gnome bards go? This one is going to be worth telling a tale about,’ said the priest of the Spider God before he began ordering the arachnids to attack.

This seemingly minor magic item has played a large part in the fate of many, including the famous gambler Zha-Krohl who used it to win many fights in the dog arenas of Grund-Lhomek up until his secret was revealed and he had to flee, using this magical bell of course.

Benefit: The owner of this magical bell may ring it and say the command word anytime then be transformed into a large wardog with 3HD a move of 150′ (50′), a dog’s keen sense of smell, an AC of 5 and a bite that deals 2d4+1 points of damage. At the transformation the wardog now wears a collar bearing this magical bell and leather armor. At any time the dog barks and rings the bell with a paw the person becomes themselves again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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