[New Spell] Spellfear


Stork secretly read the spell from the scroll. Vistis the Blue Mage noticed that nothing seemed to change. Then Stork cast a minor spell that filled the area with dazzling lights that beguiled a pair of nearby goblins and caused them to tremble and even the strange sorcerer’s adventuring companion crawled away looking for safety from Stork’s intimidating magic.

‘This will be how we amass a small army, we just need to wait here for the right candidates to come by,’ Stork said with his shark-toothed grin.

Hearing no reply he looked around.

‘Vistis? VISTIS!’ he asked then shouted.

Moments later the illusionist crawled back towards his friend, fearful of the next spell.

Spellfear (Magic-user)

Level 4

Range: 25′ radius’+5’/level.

Duration: Permanent unless a Saving Throw is made (see below).

When cast Spellfear affects a certain area and is attuned to the particular wizard that cast it. This area, which the caster can see the boundaries of, causes all subsequent spells cast by the wizard to cause awe and fear in all sentient living creatures in the area. These creatures will fear the caster, having a -2 modifier to all rolls when dealing with them if they have 4HD or less, a -1 modifier if 4HD+. If they try to challenge the caster a Saving Throw versus spells is made and if successful this dreadful aura is shed and there are no more negative modifiers when dealing with the wizard.

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