[New Magic Item] Talisman of Enemy Confusion

Talisman of Enemy Confusion

The fighter rushed into the room after securing the door.

‘Don’t forget to kill the wizzz…,’ he began before realizing the group were facing four different iterations of Chalk the sorcerer. Each one apparently casting a spell.

‘Tactical retreat!’ the fighter shouted as he kicked the door open he had just secured and urged his companions back into the gloom of the deeper dungeon.

‘That is handy,’ the Valance-iteration of Chalk said.

A simple, yet effective talisman that can cause enemies to lose their momentum in conflict at the drop of a jaw. Once given to an ogre adventuring companion to keep rivals intimidated.

Benefit: When the talisman’s owner says the activating word up to six others look like that person, in mannerism and appearance. This effect lasts for 4d4 combat rounds and is usable once per day. Creatures under 2HD must make a Saving Throw or flee the area if the enemy is particularly eerie or intimidating.

Usable by: Anyone.

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