[New Magic Item] Witch’s Coin

Witch’s Coin

Bakra-do the mercenary squatted down by the small stagnant pond and dropped in a coin given to him by his employer, the wizard Valg-Nux. The water became clouded and then the image of Valg-Nux could be seen clearly.

‘I have defeated the champion of your rival, Broln, and I have the sword the champion used,’ the mercenary said and held a strange sword above the water. The wizard’s image seemed to get bigger as Valg-Nux leaned forward to get a better view of the sword.

‘Very well, very well indeed. Now for the head of the manticore in the Vault of Zon-Nev and those four thousand gold coins are yours!’ the wizard said, trying to sound encouraging. The water clouded again then became clear.

Bakra-do smirked. Wizards. He had hoped for a spell to re-energize him or to cause his next sword strike to be devastating, instead he wasted one of three of these precious coins on what amounted to a pep talk from the wizard.

The creation of these magical coins is taught by the creatures known as hags only and if any hag finds out that a mortal taught this to another that person is marked for death. It is also said that talking a hag into teaching one how to make these magic items is dangerous, yet worth the trouble.

Benefit: First a ritual is completed with coins specifically minted for the spellcaster and covered in his or her blood before the metal cools completely. These coins are then given to trusted companions or minions who can use them to contact the spellcaster from a distance. To do so the person must throw one of these coins into a pool of reflective liquid. The wizard or illusionist is notified and retrieves the coin from a pool of liquid on their side. A clear conversation may be held, with sight and sound, and the spellcaster can, if they make an Intellience Attribute check, cast a spell through the liquid that affects those on the other side if need be. Contact lasts for ten minutes per coin or until the spellcaster cuts it off. Coins can be used indefinitely.

Usable by: Any Magic-User or Illusionist.

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