[New Spell] Awkward Introductions

Awkward Introductions

The Captain of the Watch eyed the adventurers with suspicion.

‘And you are?’ he asked the cleric.

‘He’s Valance, sir,’ Koram said.

‘I asked him, not you. Who are you, by the way?’ the Captain of the Watch inquired.

‘He is Koram, a warrior of some reknown,’ answered Chalk.

‘Why can’t any of you answer me directly?’ the Captain of the Watch asked. He then pointed to Navnen.

‘Your name?’

The thief hesitated a moment.

‘Navnen,’ he replied.

Raucous laughter could suddenly be heard all around in a most mocking tone.

‘Alright! All of you. Out! You are not welcome here!’ shouted the Captain of the Watch.

‘I’ll wring that illusionist’s neck when I find him,’ grumbled Valance as the adventurers skulked away from the town.

Awkward Introductions (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and one day.

When cast upon a person Awkward Introductions causes hysterical laughter to be heard all around the subject whenever he or she introduces themselves to a stranger for the first time. This, in turn, causes those first meeting the subject to have a -2 Charisma reaction to this person for 1d4 days afterwards. If 10+ people are under this effect together in a small area there is a 65% chance that these people will create a crowd that tries to drive the target of the spell from the immediate area.

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