[New Magic Item] Drums of Dulling

Drums of Dulling

The quartet of dwarves had been hurrying through the strange forest for days. Eerie sounds and strange lights in the trees had kept them all on edge.

Then the drumming started. Low and rythmic the sound was getting louder now. They all heard the strange tune.

A half dozen orcs stepped into the clearing, maces and clubs at the ready.

The leader of the dwarfs shouted for the others to grab axes and blades, only to discover that the sharp edges were dull and useless for cutting. The orcs advanced, grinning and ensuring that the dwarves would never leave the forest.

Originally made to help wage peace between disputing tribes, these drums are now used in a variety of ways to dull blades and win battles or frustrate cutlery merchants.

Benefit: When the drum is played all sharp, bladed weapons become dull and only deal half damage. This applies to swords, daggers, knives, axes and metal arrowheads.Clubs, maces, hammers and other non-blade weapons are immune to this drumming and function normally. This effect lasts for 1d4 hours after which time the blades return to normal. Magical weapons are allowed a Saving Throw versus magic and if affected the dullness only lasts for one hour and any damage is halved with no modifier added to damage. Range is 50′ for the drum.

Usable by: Anyone.

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