[New Magic Item] Potion of Generosity

Potion of Generosity

Navnen slipped into the small cottage and looked over at Valance then gave a nod. He tossed a small glass vial at the priest of the Spider God who caught it and admired the liquid within.

‘How much?’ Valance asked.

‘I pinched that vial as a favor,’ the thief replied.

‘No, I mean how much of this do I use at a time?’ Valance inquired again.

‘Oh, sorry. Just a few drops and you will see generosity as you never have, any more and those around you will get suspicious, don’t overdo it,’ cautioned Navnen.

Valance nodded and headed for the door.

‘Gambling?’ Chalk asked.

‘Not this time, meeting of some priests. I am going to get a donation from the priestess of Locustus for the Spider God,’ Valance replied.

‘Won’t that start a conflict?’ the wizard asked.

‘Hopefully,’ Valance said with a grin.

This is a potion used not in combat but in secret ways, usually against miserly types but in a pinch any enemy will do.

Benefit: A few drops of this magical elixir introduced via food or drink and consumed will cause the target to become generous to any who ask, overtaken with an urge to give to others. A few drops and the target will be generous with food, drink, and coins. Any more and the subject will begin to give away prized possessions. The entire vial could see homes, titles, artifacts and other luxury items handed over (if possessed in the first place for one cannot give what they do not have). A Saving Throw versus Poison/Paralysis with a -1 modifier is allowed to resist this effect.

Usable by: Anyone.

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