[New Magic Item] Sunarva’s Serendipitous Socks

Sunarva’s Serendipitous Socks

The three gnome bards played a cheerful tune on their instruments as the halflings danced a jig in the tavern.

Before long there was a fracas and an elf darted downstairs with two humans in tow.

‘Stop that thief!’ one of the humans yelled.

Someone broke a bottle of cooking oil on the floor in front of the elf who scampered through it effortlessly while the two humans slipped, struggled then both fell as the elf leapt through an open window and out into the night.

‘The socks!’ lamented one of the men as everyone looked puzzled.

‘I want those socks,’ Navnen said idly as he took a drink.

‘Here comes another adventure!’ Valance said excitedly.

The enchantress Sunarva was known for creating many clever magic items, and this may be one of the most useful. Just don’t let anyone stomp on your foot while wearing them!

Benefit: When worn these magical socks not only size themselves to the wearer’s feet, but also: have a sole that wears like tough leather and does not puncture when stepped on thorns, broken glass, etc, ignores the effects of both mundane slippery surfaces and magical ones such as a floor coated with Oil of Slipperiness while remaining non-absorbant, grant non-thieves a 45% Move Silently and add 15% to a thief’s skill in moving silently. What these socks do not do is granted added Armor Class nor protect the top of the foot from crushing, stomping, burning, etc types of damage.

Usable by: Anyone with two feet, size S-L.

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