[New Magic Item] Mask of Natule

Mask of Natule

Zarnki, leader of the dwarfs affixed the strange mask to his face just as the orc and bugbear warband attacked. He knew the mask was enchanted, yet he did not know to what extent.

As a goblin broke free from the throng and made it through the defenses of the other dwarfs Zarnki faced it with his warclub in hand. The small humanoid lashed out and got in a hit with its scimitar and then something strange happened; the goblin dropped its sword and cried out.

‘I’m blinded!’ it shrieked in the goblin language.

A couple of the bugbears exchanged glances yet advanced nevertheless upon the dwarves, maces held high.

Zarnki stepped in to take a glancing blow from one of the bugbears to blind it. As the monster struck the dwarf grimaced at the crushing blow and was as amazed as the bugbear that it could still see.

In close quarters Zarnki drew a dagger to stab the bugbear in the ribs.

At this point the dwarf realized the enchantment of the mask as his eyesight faded.

Nobody recalls who Natule was, whether a wizard, sorceress, saint or even minor deity. It is clear that this person did not like bladed weapons.

Benefit: In combat anyone wearing this enchanted mask that is struck by a bladed weapon (arrowheads are exempt) will be temporarily blinded for 1d4 combat rounds with no saving throw. If the wearer of the mask attacks one so blinded with a bladed weapon the same thing happens to them, also with no save.

Usable by: Anyone.

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