[New Spell] Incantation of the New Tongue

Incantation of the New Tongue

Chalk cast the spell from the scroll onto Navnen who ran off ahead into the ruins.

The thief returned a few minutes later looking concerned.

‘What is wrong? Did the spell work?’ Chalk asked.

‘Oh, the spell worked fine. I saw the ogres we were chasing too,’ Navnen replied.

‘Then what is wrong?’ Valance inquired.

‘These ogres are in league with an ogre magi who is coming to meet up with them to raid a nearby village,’ answered the thief.

‘Ogre magi! Yeesh!’ exclaimed Koram.

‘I will start summong spiders, we are going to need them,’ Valance said.

Incantation of the New Tongue (Magic-user/Illusionist)

Level 3/2

Range: Self or Touch..

Duration: 1d6 rounds after activation.

This spell allows either the caster or a subject that he or she has touched to be able to read and comprehend and even to speak a language completely new to them for 1d6 rounds as soon as the new language is encountered. A tricky counter-move is to insinuate yet another new language into the scenario as only one language will be affected at a time. A thief advanced enough to read magic from scrolls or to read a new language has a 95% chance of success if this spell is cast upon them at the right time.

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