[New Magic Items] Spellpinching Gloves

Spellpinching Gloves

The gnome illusionist went to cast a spell to help the elf ranger and he suddenly realized that the spell was gone.

‘Wha.., where did it go?’ he mumbled to himself.

‘Quit stalling,’ grumbled the elf.

‘Something is wrong, I don’t have the spell. When did I…in the marketplace!’ exclaimed the gnome.

‘Look, if you don’t want to cast that glamor spell just say something,’ said the elf.

‘No, I would, but the spell is gone from my memory. How about tomorrow?’ asked the gnome.

‘Too late. The elf envoy is here today and that spell would make me look impressive,’ replied the elf.

‘I will figure something out,’ the small illusionist said as he began to panic.

Created for a cabal of sneaky wizards, these gloves have gotten out there and almost any spellcaster will lie, cheat or steal to get a pair of these. Many thieves acquire to sell to the highest bidder.

Benefit: In combat a spellcaster must make a touch attack to use these gloves instead of another type of attack, including spellcasting. The attacker then gets to ‘steal’ one spell that the target has not cast that day that is within the levels that the attacker can cast. The target then gets a Save versus Spells to retain the spell, failure means that the spell is lost for that day, the attacker has the spell regardless and has 24 hours to cast this spell or it is lost. Usable once per day.

Usable by: Any spellcaster.

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