[New Magic Item] Monkey Charm

Monkey Charm

Vokun the thief was trailing his nemesis, Navnen, when he saw the rival thief duck down an alley that Vokun knew to be a dead end. Thinking quickly Vokun invoked the power of the small stone monkey talisman in his pocket and took his pursuit to the rooftops, swiftly and effortly climbin as if an ape or monkey himself.

Navnen looked over his shoulder and realized that Vokun was no longer following him. Until a woman screamed from the second story of a nearby building; Vokun, despite himself, could not resist trying to steal from a window as he was climbing by. Navnen looked upwards and saw his pursuer then he dropped back in the shadows and disappeared just as the watch was alerted.

‘I must know what magic that fool used to climb like that and take it from him!’ Navnen muttered to himself as several city guards rushed by and tried clambering upwards to chase the now long gone Vokun.

Considered a least magical item by some sages, this talisman can still change the course of an adventure, mostly for the better.

Benefit: Once per day this magical charm may be invoked to allow the owner to be able to climb like a monkey, with a 97% success rate (sometimes monkeys do misjudge and fall) for up to three turns (one half of an hour), even leaping and climbing swiftly (Climb speed 60′). The downfall? Each use there is a non-cumulative 22% chance that the owner of this talisman will trandform into an actual monkey with 2+4HD, retaining mental attributes and gaining +2 to Str and becomes size Small.

Usable by: Anyone.

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