[New Magic Item] Trollbait Talisman

Trollbait Talisman

The elf ranger smirked as the bugbear warband advanced.

‘Here goes nothing,’ the gnome illusionist said as he whispered to a small charm in his hand.

‘No! We don’t know what it will do!’ shouted Fellhorn the druid.

Suddenly the trio were far away, standing safely under a bridge that had a gentle creek running under it that wasn’t even big enough to get their feet wet.

‘There, that wasn’t so bad,’ whispered the small illusionist.

The elf ranger tapped the gnome on the shoulder and pointed at the troll nearby that had its back to them, gnawing on something rancid.

The gnome gritted his teeth and began tiptoeing off and urging the others to do the same.

Made from the enchanted keystones of bridges. A hasty retreat that could lead to a worse predicament. This minor enchanted item is shaped like a small stylized troll head. Who made this, someone who thinks under bridges is safe or troll sympathizer? Difficult to say.

Benefit: When the command word is invoked this talisman will transport its owner and up to three others under the nearest bridge that an adult human could stand under without being swept away by water, which is often a stone bridge and there is usually a bit of land under at least one side of the bridge. There is a 15% chance that at least one and up to 1d3 trolls will be residing under this bridge, although they will be surprised and lose initiative at the sudden appearance of interlopers. Usable once per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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