[Magic Item] Ring of Enchanted Rings

Ring of Enchanted Rings

The mercenary Bakra-do crept along the ancient ruins as the wizard lent ring on his finger began to faintly vibrate. Drawing a short sword with one hand he swept the area in front of him with one hand, noting that the vibration was stronger to his left. The ring then spun very slightly indicating another magical ring was near. The mercenary tensed up knowing that potential danger was a few footsteps away.

Suddenly a creature that looked like a cross between bat and human lurched out of the shadows before the mercenary. Werebat!

‘Good evening,’ the monster hissed as Bakra-do quickly changed from a short sword to a shiny dagger.

‘You are a tricky one to pursue,’ the mercenary admitted as he drew his silver dagger upon the shapeshifter.

An enchanted ring that thieves would kill for and wizards and really most anyone once they understand what it does. A handy minor artifact ring.

Benefit: This magical ring will notify its wearer whenever another magical ring is within 60′. While the exact enchantment is vague this obviously also alerts one to possible treasure hoards and potential adversaries. There is a 15% chance that this ring will alert on other enchanted jewellry as well. In this case the type of jewellry is revealed (necklace, bracelet, etc) yet not the exact ability, the same way this magic item reacts to other rings.

Usable by: Anyone.

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