[New Magic Item] Traxey’s Tricky Table

Traxey’s Tricky Table

‘My dice are gone!’ Valance shouted.

‘I am sure there is some mistake,’ another gambler said.

‘Those were my favorite set of dice, and they were not even loaded,’ lamented the priest of the Spider God.

‘Perhaps another pair of dice?’ suggested yet another gambler at the table.

Valance held his hands above the table and wiggled his fingers. A half dozen wicked looking spiders crawled from within the sleeves of his robe onto the tabletop and regarded the other gamblers with hate-filled eyes.

Suddenly there was a muffled tapping sound and a pair of dice raised up from the tabletop. Valance grinned.

‘I thought so,’ the cleric grumbled as the spiders retreated slowly, backing into his sleeves.

A very sneaky magic item that is used to ‘disapear’ items within it. It is said that the gambling dens of Shelb are riddled with these tables to take extra coins when nobody is looking.

Benefit: The owner of one of these enchanted tables must submit at least one drop of blood onto the tabletop to seal the enchantment. After that it takes a knock and a Wisdom attribute check to cause an item to sink into top of the table. Each table has the same dimensions (3′ high with a tabletop that is 2.5′ in diameter and 3” thick. A knock and a Wisdom check will retrieve an item sunk into the tabletop too. If the table takes a single blow that deals 10 hit points of damage all items within the tabletop are released at once.

Usable by: Anyone.

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