[New Spell] Shapeshifter's Edge

Shapeshifter’s Edge

The sorcerer Stork cast his spell on the brazen thief ending the magic with a flourish of his hands. The thief nodded and then became a songbird before the wizard and flew off towards the south. A bird of prey dove from the high above and attacked the songbird in mid-air, killing it instantly and following it to earth for a feast.

Vistis the Blue Mage chuckled behind Stork as he watch the scenario unfold.

‘I told him not to do that, and I rarely warn people,’ Stork said as he patted the fat pouch of coins at his side.

‘At least his money was good,’ Vistis replied.

Shapeshifter’s Edge (Magic-user)

Level 6

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One week and a day.

When cast upon oneself or another this magic allows the target of the spell to Polymorph Self twice per day for the duration of the spell. In addition the target of this spells receives a +3 modifier to resist Polymorph Others and other spells that would alter the target’s shape against their will. If cast upon one’s self or another more than three times in one year there is a 65% chance of being ‘locked into’ each alternative shape taken permanently. If this happens only a Wish or Limited Wish spell can reverse this situation.

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