[New Magic Item] Mug of Disarming

Mug of Disarming

Koram drew his Crystal Sword as the bard retreated with the fighter’s pouch of coins. Before the fighter could get near the minstrel tapped a wooden mug on a nearby tabletop. The Crystal Sword was gone! And his other weapons too. The same for his adventuring companions.

The bard drew his sword and laughed.

Valance gestured behind the bard.

‘Do you think I’m falling for that?’ the bard asked just before the large spider bit him on the back of the neck. He dropped to the floor, sound asleep.

‘You did give fair warning,’ commented Chalk.

‘Hogtie him and leave him in the town square?; Valance asked.

‘Great idea!’ Koram answered as he retrieved his coins from the snoring bard.

A common magic item among bards, minstrels, and others that like a good drink and a quick getaway if needed. Many dwarves find this magic item dishonorable and refuse to use it even to drink from.

Benefit: Once per day this wooden mug can be used to disarm all opponents within a 20′ radius if tapped upon another wooden surface, table, floor, barrel, door, etc, as long as it is made of wood. All weapons are neatly stashed 100′ away in a pile. This doesn’t keep the bearer from being punched, have spells cast upon them, or to have improvised weapons used on them. No Saving Throw is allowed.

Usable by: Anyone.

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