[New Magic Item] Wand of Dust

Wand of Dust

Oklu the wizard looked around the smoky tavern and smirked at the peasants as they slumped over their mugs of ale and stale beer.

Reaching into a pocket in his robes the magic-user retrieved a glass vial nearly full of dust.

‘Perhaps an ogre would liven this place up,’ the old conjurer chuckled to himself as he stooped to pour the dust onto the wooden floor.

Heaving his old bones up the wizard paid the barmaid and whispered an arcane word into the air as he found the door.

The ogre appeared in the middle of the room suddenly, confused and angry.

A boon to the smuggling wizard and a thorn in the side to those who would thwart these smugglers, this magic item is confiscated and usually destroyed and the owner banished if caught bearing one of these.

Benefit: Twice per day the owner of this magic wand may cause any item, living, inanimate or even undead up to the size and/or weight of an ogre within 30′ to turn to dust, There is a Saving Throw versus Wands to resist this trandformation available to those that can or wish to resist. The resulting dust may be gathered up and put in a container or scattered to the winds. In the case of the former this state lasts for one hour and every turn afterwards there is a 25% chance of the dust reverting back to its original form unscathed or upon the utterance of a command word by the magic-user. In the case of the latter the person or thing turned to dust is destroyed. The wand also carries three 1st to 3rd level spells and is rechargeable.

Usable by: Magic-users.

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