[New Magic Item] Strand’s String

Strand’s String

As Navnen turned back to see if the ogres were still pursuing them he did not seen the string dangled from above by the goblin wizard. With a grunt and an muffled scream for help the thief fell to the ground with a thump.

Koram, who was just ahead of the thief just barely heard Navnen fall and spun around in time to see a trio of goblins attempting to drag the thief away. With a shout the fighter spun, Crystal Sword already in hand, and ran back towards the goblins. Chalk and Valance followed suit.

Seeing a standoff the goblin wizard threatened to kill the thief as the other three goblins scrambled for safety. It might have worked for the small wizard if not for the gigantic spider creeping up behind him, summoned by Valance.

‘The only one in a web tonight will be you!’ the priest of the Spider God quipped.

Sometime’s the most innocuous and seemingly harmless of magic items can be the most useful in a pinch. Keep this handy and only use when needed.

Benefit: This one meter long piece of enchanted string can be used once per day to entangle one human-sized or smaller creature with a Strength of 16 or less. The bearer of the string merely touches the target who receives a Save versus Paralysis with a -2 modifier. Those who fail are helplessly entangled in very strong string, almost like being wrapped up in the web of a giant spider. Without aid those so trapped that can get at a dagger or knife must make a Dexterity attribute check to be able to retrieve their weapon and free themselves, otherwise he or she must rely upon the help of another or find a sharp object somewhere to use.

Usable by: Anyone.

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