[New Magic Item] Arcane Candles

Arcane Candles

In the darkness Navnen suddenly lit a candle that he had been saving for quite some time. In the dim light of the candle he saw a dagger on the table before him faintly glowing blue. Then a book near it. These went into his satchel.

Turning on his heels the thief notice a faint blue glowing at the edge of the candle’s light. He stepped forward. Three rings seemed to hover before him in the air. Then he realized that in the faint light these rings were indeed on fingers.

The wily thief tossed the candle at the face of the wearer of those rings and ran for the window. A ball of green light exploded next to Navnen just as he leapt through the window, caught the rope and lowered himself to the ground.

This obviously wasn’t the end of this, but he had a head start.

Like many minor magic items these candles seem to favor thieves although any adventurer, sage or wizard may also find these candles to be of great value. While not conclusive these candles do help one sort out items when in a hurry.

Benefit: When lit these dim candles shine a light roughly 10′. Any magical items that one of these candles sheds light upon will glow a dull blue color for as long as the candlelight is upon it. Another light source nulls this effect. Each candle lasts for four hours.

Usable by: Anyone.

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